Kunshan Omatei Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., LTD has been specialized in precision manufacturing for over ten years. We produce various kinds of soft jaws which can be matched with chucks made in Europe and America or China Etc. As for scroll chuck series, we have one-piece jaws and two-piece jaws such as C type and A type top jaws.
We have standard serration pitch of soft jaws such as 1.5x60°, 1.5x90°, 2.5x90°, 3.0x60°, 1/16x90°, 3/32x90°, Non-standard specification can be made according to customers’ different demand, we can also produce aluminum, nylon, brass and stainless steel material jaws, Our company has developed supper light alloy soft jaws which weight is only one third of the regular types, this product can not only prevent from deformation issue of thin wall tube workpiece during the clamping process, but effectively improve centrifugal force of the chuck as well.

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